Japan is world renowned for is spectacular food and lush culinary culture. With a mind blowing selection of Washoku (Japanese cuisine) from regional to seasonal dishes, there is an endless amount to try. From small Izakaya bars and century-old establishments to Robot restaurants and Michelin star restaurants, there’s something for everyone and every occasion. With places like Tokyo, the city with most Michelin star restaurants, and Osaka, known as the country’s kitchen and the ‘Eat till you drop’ city, Japan is bursting with flavour.

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Culinary Exploration:
All You Can Eat and Food Tour Packages

If food is on the agenda, then why not make the most of these amazing culinary opportunities Japan has to offer. From the freshest seafood and sushi to quality meats and the sweetest fruits and veg, the world is your oyster with these tour options. Choices include day-trips (food and sightseeing) as well as overnight packages, some of which are as cheap as NZ$100!!

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Also, check out Japan’s most popular online Restaurant Guide for that perfect meal when out in the field. Coupons and discounts are available so get searching!