NASPA New Otani Resort

NASPA New Otani Resort

Ski slopes directly behind NASPA New Otani

NASPA Ski Garden is the ski hill located right by the side of NASPA New Otani hotel. Hotel guests and non-staying visitors are all welcome to ski at NASPA Ski Garden. Please note that NASPA Ski Garden is a skiers-only resort. Information on how to get to NASPA Ski Garden can be found here. While snowboarding is not allowed on the slopes of NASPA Ski Garden, snowboarders are very welcome to stay at NASPA New Otani hotel (and snowboarding is allowed at most of the other easily-accessible resorts in Yuzawa).


Naspa course

NASPA Ski Garden offers a selection of ski course catering for varying skier skill levels – from gentle beginner slopes to some ungroomed steep mogul runs. The runs are serviced by five ski lifts (two quad, one triple and two pair lifts). There is also a special NASPA Kids Garden and an area for for ‘playing in the snow’.


Kids & families

NASPA Ski Garden is a very popular choice for families with kids. There are numerous facilities suitable for young children as well as a safe playing in the snow area by the base. Kids love NASPA Ski Garden which means that parents do too! There are a number of good reasons for that including the presence of Pingu, NASPA Kids Garden, ski lessons specially suited for children and a Pingu Ski Room… here we introduce some of the reasons why kids love NASPA!


Lift Tickets Charges 2020-2021

NASPA Ski Garden offers a selectionof ski lift tickets to suit different needs, including tickets for the season and special lunch sets and family packs. Guests staying at NASPA New Otani hotel can buy tickets at a reduced charge.

Ticket type Valid times Adult Child 55+
1 lift ride 450 350 400
Morning 8:30am-1pm 3,300 2,200 2,700
Afternoon 12:30pm-5pm 3,300 2,200 2,700
5 hour Valid 5 hours 3,600 2,700 3,100
1 day 8:30am-5pm 4,300 3,300 3,800
2 days 8:30am-5pm 6,800 5,100 6,000
Thanks 5pm-6pm 500 500 500

‘Thanks’ is available on the following dates: 26th-31st December 2020; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 23rd, 30th January 2021; 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th February 2021


Ski & Gear Rental

You do not need to bring your own ski equipment to enjoy skiing at NASPA Ski Garden. A wide selection of ski equipment and ski wear is available to rent in the Rental Shop just outside the hotel at the base of the ski hill. Guests staying at NASPA New Otani hotel can rent equipment using discounted rates.
Find out more about Gear & wear rental at NASPA Ski Garden


Restaurants & Shops

There is a wide range of options for dining during a day at NASPA Ski Garden – from the luxurious Restaurant FONTANA to crepes and sandwiches, there is surely something to suit your appetite! During the winter season there are also two shops selling accessories, equipment and souvenirs.


Getting There

NASPA New Otani is located in a quiet area close to the central area of Yuzawa town in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. The resort is ideal for short trips from the Tokyo region as well as longer and more relaxing stays. By train, the resort is just a few minutes shuttle bus ride from the main Echigo Yuzawa Station (about 80 minutes from central Tokyo using the Joetsu Shinkansen). By road, the resort is a 5 minutes drive from the Yuzawa Interchange (IC) exit of the Kanetsu Expressway.


Getting to NASPA by train

Naspa accessNASPA New Otani is just a few minutes from the West Exit of Echigo Yuzawa Station (an 80 minute journey from Tokyo Station on the Joetsu Shinkansen).


Getting to Echigo Yuzawa Station

Naspa accessFrom Tokyo (about 80 minutes)
Tokyo Station > Joetsu Shinkansen > Echigo Yuzawa Station
From Osaka (about 3 hours 50 minutes)
Shin Osaka Station > Tokaido Shinkansen > Tokyo Station > Joetsu Shinkansen > Echigo Yuzawa Station
From Kanazawa (about 3 hours 56 minutes)
Kanazawa Station > Hokuriku Shinkansen > Itoigawa Station > Nihonkaihisui line > Naoetsu Station > Hokuhoku line > Echigo Yuzawa Station
From Kanazawa (about 3 hours 23 minutes)
Kanazawa Station > Hokuriku Shinkansen > Omiya Station > Joetsu Shinkansen > Echigo Yuzawa Station
From Sendai (about 3 hours 15 minutes)
Sendai Station > Tohoku Shinkansen > Omiya Station > Joetsu Shinkansen > Echigo Yuzawa Station


Currency Exchange

NASPA has introduced a new foreign currency exchange machine to help visiting guests from overseas.
Conveniently located in the Main Lobby of the hotel, this currency exchange machine is available 24 hours a day and supports a variety of different languages and 12 different currencies.

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (excluding closed days)
  • Supported the English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese languages
  • Handles 12 different currencies (foreign currency to yen)
Available Currencies
USD (US dollar) / EUR (Euro) / CNY (Chinese yuan) / AUD (Australian dollar) / HKD (Hong Kong dollar) / TWD (Taiwan dollar) / KRW (Korean Won) / GBP (British Pound) / SGD (Singapore Dollar) / THB (Thai Baht) / MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) / PHP (Philippine Peso)


Naspa package

Naspa New Otani Resort

NASPA New Otani offers a wide selection of guest room types to suit your needs. Western style rooms featuring large beds; Japanese style rooms featuring tatami mats and futon; and some rooms that mix both Japanese and Western styles, along with larger suite rooms. Find out more about each room type below.

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