Manza Onsen

Why Manza Onsen?

Manza Onsen is long known as “Manza of the Powder Snow” with quality courses fit for all kinds of skiers and snowboarders. For instance, ski experts can enjoy our exclusive forest course and the expert courses, and a large number of family slopes are available for couples, families and beginners as well.
Manza Onsen is a beautiful ski resort with a total course distance of 7,976m at an altitude of 1,800m, and is in the northwest corner of Gunma Prefecture, about 44km away from Nagano City in Nagano Prefecture.

As the name suggests, Manza Onsen is famous for Onsen hot springs as well. The size of the ski fields is smaller than other ski resorts, however, Manza Onsen provides one of the best quality Onsen in Japan. One of the indicators of finest Onsen is sulfur contents in ingredients of Onsen, and Manza Onsen hot springs contain more sulfur than most other Onsen in Japan. There are some ski resorts where you can also enjoy Onsen like Zao Onsen and Nozawa Onsen, however, Manza Onsen is far better in quality than the rest.
Touji is the Japanese traditional way of increasing natural healing power of man by bathing. A very traditional way is to stay at least for a week to dip in Onsen that contain effective ingredients, but you can still expect an increase in natural healing power of your body, smoother skin and relief of pain even by a short stay at Manza Onsen.

Stay at Manza Prince Hotel and get free access to most of the Onsen available at Manza Prince Hotel AND Manza Kogen Hotel.
There are 10 Onsen hot springs available at Manza Prince Hotel. Enjoy a beautiful sky full of stars at Onsen with open-air baths called Komakusa No Yu (2 male, 2 female, 1 unisex). Shakunage No Yu is another option of Onsen with open-air baths for female. Nanakamado No Yu provides indoor Onsen hot springs, 2 baths are available in the main building of Manza Prince Hotel (1 male, 1 female), and another 2 baths available in the south building (1 male, 1 female).

*ATTENTION! The south building is currently in a process of renovation until mid-March 2022. As the building is temporarily closed, Onsen is not available either until the mid-March 2022.

There are 12 Onsen hot springs available at Manza Kogen Hotel. 8 of them are Onsen with open-air baths called Sekitei Rotenburo, of that 7 are unisex baths, and the last is available for female. There are 4 indoor Onsen available at Manza Kogen Hotel (2 male, 2 female), however, you do not have free access to those by staying at Manza Prince Hotel. You will need to purchase an Onsen pass to access those indoor baths.


You can access here either with your own car, or trains and buses from big cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kanazawa. Although it takes a while to get to Manza Onsen via public transportation, you can enjoy the changing scenery that snow gradually covers the scene. There are 400 parking spots available for drivers at the ski resort.
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Coach Transfers

Transfer options to and from Karuizawa Railway Station and Manza Prince Hotel are available here at Manza Onsen.

※Coach Timetable

Karuizawa Railway Station Manza Prince Hotel
08:30 10:10
10:10 15:30
Manza Prince Hotel Karuizawa Railway Station
11:00 12:40
16:10 17:50

Trail Map

Resort Information


-Ski Shop “ResoSpo”- Handling a range of ski and snowboard gears. Just bring yourself to Manza Onsen and we will sort everything out!
-Rental Shop – You can hire ski and snowboard gears depending on your needs. Kids price available.
-2 Restaurants available adjacent to ski fields, 1 at the Manza Prince Hotel open to all visitors.

Ski and Snowboard School

Ski and snowboard schools are available throughout the season. Choose from a variety of options from private lessons, group lessons, or kids lessons etc., according to your level.


Manza Prince Hotel

Ever imagined yourself dipping into Onsen hot springs to relax after spending a whole day out in the snow? Manza Prince Hotel is a perfect destination for all Onsen lovers, skiers & snowboarders! With a perfect location adjacent to the ski resort, Manza Prince Hotel successfully provides an authentic Onsen experience!

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