Arai Resort

Why Arai?

Arai Mountain Ski Resort & Spa was opened in 1993 as very luxurious Ski Resort.
They started developing hotels, swimming pools and a brewery around the resort, however the bubble burst and they had to cease operations in 2006.
Hiro, owner of Powder Ski Japan has been skiing all over the world (Japan, New Zealand, Australia, North America and Europe) and first went to Arai Mountain around in 2000 and believed then that it was the best ski resort at the time in Japan because of its snow quality and unique course arrangement. Nowadays its more common to ski powder snow but powder hunters and powder ski resorts were not common around that time in Japan as most of the Japanese ski resorts were arranged with a wide base towards a central mountain peak.
However, Arai Mountain’s development was broadly opened to top and that reminded him of all those great ski mountains all over the world where he had been to.
Under new ownership, Arai Mountain was able to re-open in December 2017 with an expanded powder snow area.
The average snowfall is about 15m per season which is same as Niseko in Hokkaido, so it is the perfect destination for powder snow hunters for sure.
It’s really a resort that must be seen to be believed!

Getting There

There are several ways to get to Arai Resort from Tokyo.
Shuttle Bus : Shuttle buses depart from Narita airport straight to Arai Resort.
Bullet Train : Take the Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo to Joetsu Myoko (1 hour 46 minutes) then either transfer to the free shuttle (approx. 20 minutes) or take a taxi (approx. 20 minutes).
It is also possible to get there from Toyama airport and Niigata airport by paid shuttle.
Free shuttle time table from Joetsu Myoko railway station.

Private Transfer

If you wish to travel to Arai resort via private transfer, we provide a number of options to cater for your transport needs, regardless of group size.
Contact us for further information about private transfers

Transfer between other ski resorts

There is shuttle bus between Arai resort and Myoko resort.

Trail Map

Resort Info

Lotte Arai Resort awaits you amidst a scenic landscape of mountains stretching outward to the ocean from Mt. Myoko, and a broad expanse of countryside.
All 257 rooms at Lotte Arai Resort are open to both long- and short-stay guests. On our premises you will find first class leisure activities featuring 14 ski courses including 8 areas of ungroomed snow, spas, pools, restaurants, cafes, function rooms, and a 1501-meter zip tour ? the longest in Asia.
The ski season will embody the excitement of a winter wonderland while the “green season” will offer fresh, clean mountain air and nature in full bloom. Year-round fun and relaxation for all.
With the goal of becoming the premium mountain resort in Asia, we are eager to introduce the world to the beauty of both Mt. Okenashi and the Joetsu region.


They have a variety of restaurants for you to choose from, such as all-day Italian dining, lounges, Japanese food, takeout cafes, and more.
Please enjoy the tasteful, distinctive dishes at each establishment while your relax.

*Restaurant Asahi (Japanese Restaurant) 150 seats Private room available Breakfast Lunch Dinner
*The Plate (Western Restaurant) 108 seats Breakfast Lunch Dinner
*Pino (Italian Restaurant) 44 seats Lunch Dinner
*Sijang Dakalbi (Korean) Breakfast Lunch Dinner
*Gondola Restaurant (Japanese & Western) 139 seats Lunch
*Sky Restaurant (Food court) 456 seats
*Bakery Cafe 42 seats Breakfast Lunch
*Take Out Cafe Drink, Snacks, Light Meals
*Cottage Lounge (Cafe)
*Library Cafe (Cafe)
*Cafe Lounge Nexus (Cafe)
*Bar Ruri (Bar)


Asia longest Zip line

The zip tour operated by Lotte Arai Resort is 1,501 meters in total length and spans a height difference of about 240 meters. It descends sharply from the 950-meter peak to a spot 710 meters in altitude in about three minutes. An extraordinary experience, the thrill of this tour is one that guests will never forget. At 1,501 meters in length, the zip line is the longest in all of Asia (as of January 2018) and uses a specialized 19-mm thick, 2.4-ton cable. We utilize an advanced safety system, adopted from NASA’s space shuttle launch pad, for our emergency escape device. On the tour, guests can get a bird’s eye view of Lotte Arai Resort’s advanced ski course as it winds around an area of lush nature, as well as the Kokenashi lift. During the first half of the course, guests will enjoy the thrill of speed, while the second half gives horizon spanning views of the Takada plains and the Hokushinetsu mountains.
An online or in-person application is required for use.
(Applications may be filled out and turned in at the Info. Cafe)

Tubing Park

Our tubing park has a 192-meter, all-season tubing area, as well as a 170-meter zip line. It also boasts a moving belt for a fun ride to the starting deck.
The ticket includes access to all-season tubing, as well as the zip line, so you can enjoy both. Enjoy during or after your time on the slopes or after staying at the hotel.


Enjoy authentic bouldering, a square trampoline, and a fun-wall, all on one floor! Not only that, you’ll also find the first “wonder wall” in all of Japan! With 75 different routes and the most holds of any in the nation, our bouldering wall offers fun for all climbers – beginner to advanced. Our fun-wall’s design is the first of its kind in Japan. Perfect for friends and family to try together, you can race each other to the top. Our wonder wall is also a first for Japan. Complete with projection mapping, it offers the next generation of play. Bouldering shoes are available for rental on-site, so you can come as you are and enjoy all of the attractions in the area.
Our indoor facility means you’ll be safe, even in the worst weather. Children as young as four years old can use our trampoline and fun-wall.

Tree Adventure (Summer season only)

The largest tree adventure in Japan, it covers a total area of ??355,400 square feet and includes a total of 102 play places and eight courses in total.
It is located opposite the 4th parking lot, making full use of the forests surrounding “Old Primavera” to provide a tree-top adventure offered nowhere else. We also provide many safe and fun activities for children. Enjoy the beautiful river views from the River Course.


Hoshizora Onsen

“The water that collects in this onsen springs up from a depth of 1750 m and contains natural beauty-enhancing ingredients of low-alkalinity, creating an exquisite relaxation experience.
Guests can enjoy this outdoor onsen under a starry sky throughout the year.”
Hours :
– Mon. to Fri. 6:30 AM ~ 9:00 AM(※) / 11:00 AM ~ 11:00 PM (10:30 PM Final Admission)
– Sat. San. 6:30 AM ~ 11:00 PM (10:30 PM Final Admission)
※Resort guests

An onsen with low-alkalinity that is both gentle on the skin and locks in moisture
An indoor pool that can be used year around
Enjoy the nature surrounding Okenashiyama from this onsen
General admission (towel included): Onsen use (Adults: 1,300 yen; Children: 700 yen), Pool use (Adults: 1,500 yen; Children: 700 yen), Pool + Onsen Use (Adults: 2,000 yen; Children: 1,200 yen)

Prices for resort guests (towel included): Onsen (free), Pool (Adults: 1,300 yen, Children: 700 yen)

20% off for those with a lift ticket
Children (under 12 years old)
Children under three years of age enter free

Hoshizora Pool

The indoor pool is available to guests throughout the year, and in summer guests can enjoy an expansive outdoor pool.
Indoor Pool: 9:00-21:00(Entrance 19:30)

An indoor pool that can be used year round
General admission (towel included): Onsen use (Adults: 1,300 yen; Children: 700 yen), Pool use (Adults: 1,500 yen; Children: 700 yen), Pool + Onsen Use (Adults: 2,000 yen; Children: 1,200 yen)

Prices for resort guests (towel included): Pool (Adults: 1,300 yen, Children: 700 yen)

20% off for those with a lift ticket
Children (under 12 years old)
Children under three years of age enter free

Spa Manna

Spa Manna is a complete relaxation facility with a spa, pool, and fitness center.


The onsen spa contains natural ingredients that are perfect for all guests, young and old. You can find both a dry and mist sauna inside. You can enjoy the scenery of Mt. Takagi and Mt. Nanba in the open air hot spring.


Combined with the fitness center, there are two types of pool ? a water pool and a walking pool. There are also poolside reclining chairs, perfect for relaxation. Please feel free to utilize the cafeteria and Salon Kokoro in the comfort of your swim suit.
Non-guests (towel included): Onsen + fitness center + pool (Adults: 2,600 yen, Children under 12: 1,500 yen)

Resort guests (towel included): Onsen + fitness center + pool (free), Pool (Adults: 2,340, Children: 1,350 yen)

Children under three years of age enter free

Children`s Room

We provide daycare services for both resort guests and non-guests. Children can spend a fun and engaging time with their friends and childcare professionals.
* Hours : Morning 8:00 AM ? 12:00 AM / Afternoon: 1:30 PM ? 4:30 PM
※ Reservation times : 8:00~16:00

Accepts children from two years of age to preschoolers (children of pre-elementary school age)
Morning: 7,000 yen, Afternoon: 6,000 yen, Full-day 12,000 yen
Reservations required
Things to bring
● Snacks
● Drinks (a thermos or plastic bottle of tea or juice (please limit to what your child normally drinks))
● A change of clothing (one set)
● Diapers (3?5, for guests whose children use diapers)
● Wet tissues (for guests whose children use diapers)

Hoshizora Winery

Situated across from the entrance to Lodge, Hoshizora Winery has a fine selection of wines chosen monthly from wineries across Japan. After you’ve taste-tested some, and enjoyed a few glasses in the shop’s relaxed atmosphere, you can take home your very own bottles for friends, family and yourself.

In addition to the wonderful selection of wines, Hoshizora Winery also carries wine-related goods such as glasses, and an original line of items called Suisei (Comet) combining proudly-produced, local-area jade from the city of Itoigawa and Western-style tableware from the Sanjo area in northern Niigata.

Inter Alpen

We provide customers with goods that can be used on the slopes. You’re bound to find a product that you’ll grow to love more and more as you become more serious about your skiing and snowboarding.


A shop with ski and snowboard gear.
Forget your gear at home? Our large selection of goods has got your back. You’ll have a great time just looking around our shop.

Tune-up Shop

We have an authentic wax tune-up shop right inside of Lotte Arai Resort Village Station.
Our top of the line materials and expert staff provide you with a wax tune-up that is perfectly suited to the condition of the slopes on that day.
Of course, our vice and vice tables are freely available to non-guests as well.

Conference Centre Haneuma 110 seats 220 sqm

The fashionable Lotte Arai Resort function room “Haneuma” is perfect for a variety of events and seminars.
The hall is fit with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and high ceilings, creating an open space.
Coupled with our high-class service, it is perfect for quality meetings and banquets.

Conference Centre Seminar Room 60 seats 141 sqm

This space can be partitioned into a single room or two separate rooms.
It features a 123-inch large screen, LAN, WiFi, and background music that make it perfect for a wide variety of scenarios.

Business Room 20 seats 98 sqm

Found just after passing through the lodge’s opulent main entrance, the hall is fit with a large table capable of seating 17 people.
The large video screen is 123 inches wide and the room is equipped with WiFi.
The mahogany furniture creates a laid-back atmosphere perfect for intimate business meetings.

Foreign Currency Exchange Machine

Foreign currency exchange at your fingertips.

Speciality Product Shop

Special Product Shop deals in special products of Niigata prefecture where Lotte Array resort is located. To purchase souvenirs as memories of the trip, please visit here.

Ski & Snowboard School

Enjoy your stay to the fullest with the help of experienced English speaking instructors.
The ski schools at Lotte Arai Resort will make your stay a memorable one by crafting lessons to your heart’s desire.
World-class slopes and caring instructors will bring out the true beauty and thrill of the snow.

Equipment Rentals

Rentals for Lotte Arai Resort are available at Salomon Station.
In addition to stylish Salomon products of various sizes, colors, and designs for children and adults, there are also various high-end brands and types of models.
Enjoy the snow-covered mountains with your favorite model.
For skis and snowboards, the safety of the constituent materials is more crucial than experience and technique, due the nature of the sports.
Arai Salomon Station follows the SBB Recognized Maintenance Technicians system, as recommended by the Japan Ski Industry Promotion Association.
It provides materials to its customers that follow the assembly and adjustment standards of the international standard ISO11088.



Lotte Arai Resort

With our comfortable rooms and attentive service
All 257 rooms of the resort are available for long-term stays as well. Featuring a ski-lodge with 11 ski slopes, a spa, pool, restaurants, cafes, and a business center, the resort also provides a wealth of activities, including a 1,501 meter zip-line tour – that is the longest in Asia.

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