Sapporo Snow Festival

Held for one week every February, Sapporo’s Snow Festival is one of the most popular winter festivals in Japan. Sculptures are scatted across three sites: Odori Park, Suskino and Tsu Dome.

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Hakodate Winter Festival

With various light-up events throughout the winter months the Hakodate area is a sparkling array of festivities. For about one week in February there are also the Hakodate Marine Winter Fireworks on display.

Hakodate Official Travel Guide
Hakodate Official Travel Guide(Japanese)

Otaru Snow Light Path Festival

Every February, the town of Otaru holds its own winter festival, filled with lights, sculptures and lanterns. The town is just a short, 30 minute distance from Sapporo.

Japan Guide – Otaru Snow Light Path Festival

Naeba Winter Fireworks

In commemoration of the end of the night skiing season, a large fireworks display is held.

Shirakawago Winter Light-Up

i_jpn08A proud World Heritage Site, Shirakawago is a small village, which during certain weekends throughout January and February, hold the light-up events creating a dreamy winter landscape.

Japan Guide – Shirakawago Winter Light-Up

Kyoto Hanatoro

img_exp_eve01Winter lights and illuminations are set up throughout the city including the Bamboo forests in December and the Higashiyama Area during March.

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Cherry Blossom Festivals & Hanami

i_jpn05Spring in Japan means blossoming cherry blossoms (or Sakura in Japanese) with festivals and Hanami ‘flower viewing’ all across the country. Flowers will tend to blossom earlier in the warmer south, and later the further north you go. Recommended places include Hondoji Temple (Chiba), Asukayama Park (Tokyo) and Meguro River (Tokyo) all of which bloom between late March and early April. Hokkaido will usually be during May.

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