Hi Hiro
Thanks for your’e email a while back..I got back from Japan nearly 2 weeks ago..My apologies in getting back to you, at such late notice..
I had a great time in Japan,as always..I think this was my 18th trip back to Japan and I must say .It only gets better,each time I go back..
Hokkoda was one of the main highlights for me..Hotel Jogakura,was exceptional, with the service they provided and the incredible food,
that was on offer..And such a beautiful place to stay at..
The hotel manager Mr Hasegawa,was an exceptional host..Met me at the airport.(all good with everything)..
The last day of the trip (Friday) it rained..(no good for Skiing)..So Mr Hasegawa and his stuff took me and other guests to Yachi Hot springs and then to a place, lower down,in a village for traditional Amori lunch (something called Bachu?) Beef and onion with raw egg.(it was delicious ) They were very obliging..Great to have good Japanese hospitality all round..
I would certainly stay there again.