Semi Onsen Ryokan

This solitary-house style hotel sits in the Geto Kogen Onsen Village, a 10 minute drive from the scenic Geto Kogen Ski Resort. The ryokan is split across the Main building and the new wing, giving you ample choice of guest rooms, but the real charm of Semi Onsen lies in its traditional Japanese atmosphere alongside seven baths, all of which draw hot springs from three headsprings with differing properties. Experience true Japanese hospitality, cuisine and culture at Semi Onsen.

Semi Hot Springs are popular among many people as a “beauty bath”. The reason of its popularity is the rich amount of silicic acid, a natural ingredient that makes a beautiful skin.
Silicic acid is known as a natural moisturizing factor, and it makes your skin clean and smooth.It has been reported that a hot spring has a moisturizing factor if it contains more than 50mg of silicic acid. Our hot springs have more than 100mg of silicic acid.

They use fresh seasonal ingredients for the dishes they serve.
For guests who stay at the Semi Onsen for consecutive days, they change the menu to serve them with a variety of dishes to enjoy.
*The content may change depending on the season.

Semi Onsen offers transfers to Geto Kogen every day.
Also free transfers are available between Semi Onsen and Kitakami railway station.

“Bijin-no- yu (Beaty’s onsen)”

”Yume-no- yu (dream onsen)”

“Choju-no- yu (Longlife onsen)”

Room rate per person per night include breakfast and dinner

Yamabuki no Hana Japanese style room twin share 11,150 JPY per person

Kiri no Hana Japanese style room twin share 14,150JPY

Kiri no Hana Western style room twin share 16,150JPY

Extra charges

Weekend and Holiday surcharge 3,000 JPY per person per night
Single use surcharge 2,000 JPY per person per night
Peak season surcharge (please ask) 6,000 JPY per person per night

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